FAQs - Internal Audit

What are internal controls?

Internal controls include how the organization is designed and all the coordinated procedures within an organization to safeguard its assets, check the accuracy and reliability of its accounting data, promote operational efficiency, and encourage adherence to prescribed managerial policies. Internal controls are the checks and balances put in place to safeguard District assets, to ensure records are accurate, to promote operational efficiency, and to encourage adherence to policies and procedures.

Yes, generally speaking, there are two different types of internal controls: preventative and detective controls. Preventative controls discourage or prevent errors, fraud, or irregularities from occurring. Detective controls are designed to find errors after they have occurred.

Why me? Why have we been selected for audit?

Campuses and departments may be audited for many different reasons. Many audits are simply randomly selected or they may be selected due to a change in management or other changes. Being selected for an audit does not mean that you are doing something wrong. Audits of one type or another are a regular part of the business process.


The best way to prepare for an audit and to ensure that an audit flows smoothly is to create and maintain good records. Having complete and orderly departmental records is extremely important.

How long do audits take?

There is no easy answer to this question, as each audit’s length will depend on the nature and scope of the review. Small audits might last a few days while more complex reviews can last several weeks or months.

Can Internal Audit Help Me with a Policy Question?

Absolutely, if you have questions on policies, procedures, or best practices, we will be glad to help. In some cases, we will know the answer to your question. If not, we will guide you to the right department or person that can assist you, or we will research to find an answer to your question.

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