Music Therapy


To use music as a strategy to support students with disabilities in attaining non-musical knowledge and skills necessary for their educational program.

Program/Service Description:

Students may receive individual services for particular I.E.P. goals. Group music therapy provides support to classrooms or educational program/curricula. Integrative programming, a collaborative team model, and staff development/training are implemented. Support may also be given to music educators to assist with the inclusion process for students with disabilities. Music therapy allows for the presentation of various modes of instruction to serve the educational needs and learning styles of students. Many opportunities and formats are also provided for students to demonstrate knowledge, mastery, and generalization of skills.

Service Delivery Profile:

Students who qualify for special education services may receive a Student Review of their educational program. This entails an observation/discussion of learning styles and classroom instruction with education personnel working with the student. The successful use of music as a motivating component during classroom instruction is also explored. A Student Review will indicate whether or not an evaluation is necessary, thereby determining if music therapy can support I.E.P. goals.

A music therapy evaluation compares the student's performance of I.E.P. skills with and without music therapy intervention. Services will be recommended if the student responds to music strategies to such a degree that the addition of music therapy services to the educational program can provide assistance with the student achievement of specific I.E.P. goals.

Expected Outcomes:

Student progress towards educational goals will be demonstrated through the use of music therapy strategies.

Additional Information:

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